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Sa, 08. 02. 2020 - The Fictionplay // All Systems Red // Noah Scotia

The Fictionplay
Wherever the „Ark Fictionplay“ lands, massive riffs collide with fraglie vocals and rabid arrangements with rhytmic calculatio. People defected from Mainstream are dancing ecstatically into the exile and dusty listening habits get abandoned once and for all.
„Shake Shake! Let the earth quake.“ The Fictionplay invites to stomp and to dance – until plates shift. On the Richter scale the music of the four Austrians oscillates from innovative rock to progressive pop ballad. Energetic, impulsive, stirring.
Already played concerts & festivals in and out of Austria with: Cold War Kids, Mother´s Cake, Dennis Lyxzen, Sauropod,...

All Systems Red
Ranging somewhere between Red Hot Chili Peppers and Arctic Monkeys, All Systems Red create their very own sound space by combining their diverse music tastes from all across the spectrum. Their songs link elements of an outright dirty funk sound that swipes you off your feet, indie hymns that stay in your ears long after you’ve left the show, harder and heavier tunes that leave you breathless from singing along, which makes their music impossible to label as only one genre. The five Austrians convert all of these influences into an enormously infectious energy on stage that will make you beg for more.


Noah Scotia
Noah Scotia, ein Wortspielchen, das sich aus dem Namen „Noah“ und der kanadischen Provinz „Nova Scotia“ zusammensetzt, mag auf den ersten Blick vielleicht nicht viel Aufschluss geben über die Intention einer 4köpfigen Indie/Alternative-Band, die stets auf der Suche nach knackigen Riffs und ansprechenden Arrangements ist.
Andererseits steht diese vermeintliche „Belanglosigkeit“ oder „Oberflächlichkeit“ auch dafür, dass es sich – gerade bei Musik im Speziellen – stets lohnt auch hinter die Fassade zu schauen.

Beginn: 20:00 Eintritt: AK: € 10
Event auf Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2794721973928088/


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